The Best Rosacea Skin Care Regimen for Summer

​Summer is here and, as the seasons change, so does the best rosacea skin care regimen. While it’s still important to use moisturizers and cleansers that are specifically formulated to combat the symptoms of rosacea, the summer heat adds some additional stressors for your skin. That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas to help protect your skin in the summer and make sure you have the best rosacea skin care regimen.

1. Avoid direct sunlight and heat

Before you can find the right products for your rosacea care regimen, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re avoiding the parts of summer that can worsen rosacea symptoms. Staying hydrated and out of the sun during the hottest part of the day is key, as direct sunlight can irritate sensitive skin. Ten a.m. until two p.m. are the peak hours for sun damage. It’s important to spend this time indoors or under shade from an umbrella or hat. Drinking lots of water is also a helpful strategy, as water prevents your blood vessels from dilating and giving your skin that red rosacea look.

2. Reduce caffeine intake

This one might be tough to hear, but drinking coffee in the morning leads to more rosacea flare-ups. Unfortunately, switching to iced coffee in the summer won’t help much, either. Because stimulants expand your blood vessels, anything from coffee to tea to sugar could be worsening your symptoms. We know it’s hard to step away from these things entirely, but even cutting back a little bit can make a big difference! Try limiting your caffeine intake little by little, and find an amount that you and your skin are comfortable with.

3. Use the best rosacea skin care regimen


You’ve waited out the hottest part of the day and you’re ready to go enjoy the weather… but you still need to protect yourself from the sun’s rays! This is when we would recommend a product like our Tinted ZincO SPF 20. Made with 14.5% zinc oxide as the active ingredient, our Tinted ZincO SPF 20 offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. It’s an excellent barrier cream that protects the ultra-sensitive epidermis from the elements, and it’s especially helpful for those prone to flushing episodes because ZincO soothes the skin and helps reduce visible flushing. Pair this with our Calming Cream With Symcalmin® in the morning and our Night Cream at the end of the day to get the most out of your summer!

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